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What would you like to learn? #bfong

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WHAT are the skills needed for success in media today? This was the key question discussed at Brighton Future of News Group’s September meeting.

Suzanne Kavanagh from Skillset spoke about the organisation’s current research into the skills required for working in the media today.

The research is ongoing, but headlines coming out so far include:

“People expect free content”

“Digital £1 of ad spend is worth less than £1 of print ad spend”

“Rise of news entrepreneur and hyperlocal”

“How to aggregate and distribute content”

“How to use data”

… and many others.

During the group discussions it was generally agreed that core skills for any writer, publishing in print or on the web, needs a fundamental understanding of libel and copyright law just to protect themselves. This is in addition to the ability to write.

It was agreed shorthand a useful skill but essential for journalists.

Understanding social media, blogging, coding and the internet were among the new skills writers need to master to get ahead in the modern world.

During the discussion Adam Oxford said he would like to learn more about data visualisation, whereas Paul Watson would like to improve his media sales and marketing skills.

Following on from the discussions what we would like to do with BFONG is discover what skills members want to learn and then match people who can teach others.

Click here to join the discussion set up in the BFONG Meet Up group for members to list what they would like to learn.


Written by Sarah Booker Lewis

September 17, 2010 at 10:54 pm

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