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Live blog: Sarah Hartley on N0tice

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Sarah explains she works on projects to connect communities. It’s a new project and N0tice is the first project.

Most of her previous work has been with other digital projects.

N0tice has gone from nothing to beta in three months.

It is very much like a start up, moving along very quickly and working in Agile.

It answers a need in the hyperlocal space in a social way.

It’s social, mobile and local.

It’s a digital community notice board. It embodies what it is

Started a Flickr group and have pictures from around the world. Beer in Devon has eight notice boards each with a different focus.

Sarah has discovered a wonderful world of noticeboard enthusiasts.

We discover a noticeboard fan in the group.

It has to be mobile to work and function.

It started as a hackday project.

At the moment it is open to a few selected people. Those who are invited to use it give feedback of how they want to use it.

Journalists and bloggers want to use it but the is a museum wants to use it to unearth parts of it’s collection. If it has a strong geographical link then the item can be shown.

In the way Foursquare works where you check in, N0tice will show people information about the street they are in.

For hyper locals N0tice offers a technological enhancement. Pt ensures people in a locality can see their information.

Hyper locals a d community groups have issues where people find it difficult to reach out to their community and reach those they’re targeting.

It has a small ad business model for items for sale, but if you want priority of location or presentation on a page then there will be a charge.

Possibility to work in an advertising network.

The commercial idea is to white label the technology for other uses such as dating sites. Hyper locals could create their own White labeled notice board.

Sarah Marshall asks about clarification about how N0tice compares with Foursquare.

It doesn’t push things at you and isn’t focused on business.

Asked about what else’s out there.

Notice is worldwide and there are about 30 players in similar ways but with different ideas.

Why is the Guardian doing it? New opportunities and revenue streams.

It isn’t Guardian branded or on it’s site.

People want to come around and issue and share their time.

Allotments are something people have come up with, sharing surplus etc.

Had allotment project set up in Brighton. Offices have the information and had one rotator request.

Sarah wants N0tice to work offline, too.

Asked about control of the site, it is in beta so it isn’t difficult now.

There are community guidelines but at the moment there aren’t issues with behaviour at the moment.

It has reputation management tools.

BFONG members start playing around with the site.

It could work like a WordPress widget.


Written by Sarah Booker Lewis

October 17, 2011 at 6:48 pm

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